What Should You Know About a Whole-House Automation Solution?


And How a Professional Can Help Bring Smart Technology to Your Home

Have you been thinking about adding smart home automation to your Richmond home? With the plethora of solutions available to Virginia homeowners, wrapping your head around all the available options may be challenging.

It may be tempting to approach smart home technology yourself, and there's no shortage of DIY smart home products. However, as a professional home technology integrator, Sound + Image strongly feels that you will get the best results if you hire a company like us. While you can dabble successfully with some smart home products yourself, you will benefit from your investment with a professionally designed and installed whole-house automation solution.  A complete home automation installation will yield more benefits than the sum of the parts! Read more below to learn what you need to know.

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4 Services a Home Automation Installer Brings to Custom Home Builds


An automation firm has the skills and tools you need to take your home builds to the next level with smart technology 

According to market research, approximately 258 million smart homes exist worldwide, and the smart home market share is roughly 99 billion USD. We can only expect these numbers to rise in the coming years as homeowners demand more sophisticated, convenient, and intuitive smart technology solutions to manage their homes. 

As part of the design-build profession, you undoubtedly already know that including smart solutions in new builds is an effective way to attract more high-end buyers and set your firm apart from the competition. When you partner with a home automation installer like Sound + Image, we make it easy to satisfy client expectations for home automation. Keep reading to learn the key services we bring to new builds in Chesterfield County, VA.

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How Working with a Control4 Dealer Adds Value to Your Projects


Control4 Smart Automation is a Smart Investment for Today’s Homes

With recent home sale prices and values in the U.S. rising at a rapid clip, homebuyers are feeling more confident that the value of their investment will increase over time. Rising home values tends to have the effect of making homeowners spend more on home improvement projects as they expect their investments will ultimately result in higher home value when it’s time to sell.

Smart technology is continuing to be one of the top features homebuyers are demanding. Smart automation, security, and entertainment devices and services are growing at double-digit rates. Homebuyers are increasingly looking at smart automation to add energy efficiency, safety, aesthetic value, and lifestyle convenience to their homes. As a design professional or builder, it makes sense to consider smart home features from the beginning in your projects. And the best way to do that is to work with a Control4 dealer to integrate class-leading home automation technology the right way.

Keep reading for three smart home features that will make your residential projects in Richmond, VA, more appealing to your clients – and add long-term value to boot.

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Three Ways to Add Lighting Control to Your Projects with Control4


Smart Lighting Systems Add Luxury and Aesthetic Appeal

Lighting control is one of the most sought-after smart home features. Prospective homebuyers highly prize the convenience of smart control and the energy efficiency aspect of easily turning off lights when not needed. From the design and build side, professionals like you also understand how managing light intelligently can transform the look and feel of a home. Automated control can create the perfect lighting look for any space.

Whether you are working on redecorating, remodeling, an addition, or new construction builds, there is a lighting control system from Control4 that will make your Goochland County, VA projects stand out from the rest. Keep reading to learn about three models for integrating smart lighting control.

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Control4 Reimagines Smart Home Automation


Control4 OS 3 Sets a New Bar for Powerful Control with Intuitive Ease

Starting in 2003, Control4 set out to reset expectations in smart home automation. Over the years, they have created a complete home control suite that changed the way people could manage and interact with their homes for easier daily living. Not only did they offer their own solutions, but they also designed a smart home operating system that orchestrated many third-party products – in fact, thousands of them.

Control4's latest system, OS 3, takes everything they have learned from many thousands of smart home installations and puts even more power into the user's hands, with greater personalization, intuitive design, and effortless control. Keep reading below to see how Control4 OS 3 reimagines the smart home experience in Goochland, County, VA.

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Interior Designers: 3 Ways to Use Lighting Control in Your Projects


Differentiate Your Designs with Innovative Lighting Solutions

As an interior designer, you understand the impact that lighting has within a home. Beyond its obvious role of helping homeowners see and perform tasks, lighting plays an important part in creating a comfortable environment that also accentuates the interior design.

You likely experiment with lighting layers, dimmers, and unique fixtures to create the perfect mood for your spaces. While you can accomplish your vision with traditional lighting control, a smart lighting control system can differentiate your designs by eliminating wall clutter, allowing for the creation of one-tap light scenes, and optimizing natural light by way of daylight harvesting.

Keep reading to discover three ways that a lighting control system can elevate your projects in Henrico County, VA and surrounding areas.

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