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Elevate Your Luxury Lifestyle with Control4 Home Automation

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Discover what a Control4 lifestyle can do for you!

Home automation systems are at the forefront of a technological revolution, offering homeowners unmatched convenience, security, and efficiency. Control4 simplifies the management of your smart devices and provides a seamless and intuitive user interface for effortless control of your entire home.  

Keep reading to explore the robust capabilities of Control4 home automation and how it elevates your Richmond, VA, lifestyle!

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Control4 Installer Hot Take: New Products Coming in 2023

Living room with dimmed and linear lighting.

Control4 Unveils New Halo Remotes and Vibrant Linear Lighting At CEDIA 2022

The annual CEDIA event draws attendance from the most well-respected and inspired technology vendors in the smart home industry. During the event, companies will announce their product roadmap plans, including coming products and enhancements. 

At this year’s show, Control4 announced its lineup of new developments coming in late 2022 and early 2023, and we’re excited to share them with you!  

Continue reading about the new product launches and contact us, your Control4 installer in the Richmond, VA, area, for more information.

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The Future of Modern Homes: Whole House Control Systems


Bring Innovation to Your Home With Smart Home Automation Systems

Every home is made of a complex set of systems, devices, and technologies that make it convenient to manage your household and perfect your home routine. While you might have systems in place, managing them all from different devices can often get complicated, which is why modern innovations have found a way to link all your tech on a single platform by using whole-house control systems. One of the industry leaders in this new technology is Control4. Below are just some of the benefits it can bring to your Henrico, VA home.

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4 Services a Home Automation Installer Brings to Custom Home Builds


An automation firm has the skills and tools you need to take your home builds to the next level with smart technology 

According to market research, approximately 258 million smart homes exist worldwide, and the smart home market share is roughly 99 billion USD. We can only expect these numbers to rise in the coming years as homeowners demand more sophisticated, convenient, and intuitive smart technology solutions to manage their homes. 

As part of the design-build profession, you undoubtedly already know that including smart solutions in new builds is an effective way to attract more high-end buyers and set your firm apart from the competition. When you partner with a home automation installer like Sound + Image, we make it easy to satisfy client expectations for home automation. Keep reading to learn the key services we bring to new builds in Chesterfield County, VA.

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3 Enjoyable Benefits Of A Smart Home Automation System


Even Though It’s Sophisticated, a Smart Home System Is So Easy to Use

You may like the idea of total smart home control, but you wonder how smart and seamless it really is. For instance, you know how easy it is to operate your smartphone, but an entire home? That’s got to be a lot more complicatedThe truth is that smart home automation is intentionally designed to be seamless yet sophisticated. Living with hard-to-use smart home technology in Richmond, VA, wouldn’t be very smart, would it? 

In this blog, we’ll highlight the three reasons why switching to smart home control makes your life easier and more luxuriousKeep reading to discover the life-altering benefits you’ll enjoy.

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