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Experience a Luxurious Lifestyle with Automated Window Coverings


Discover Enhanced Beauty and Effortless Control with Custom Window Treatments

While lighting fixtures offer beautiful illumination, the foundation of the ambient lighting in your home is natural light. Interior designers consider this element one of the most important due to its ability to enliven a space, creating warmth while enhancing your home’s look and feel - and even your mood and well-being.

Despite these benefits, we tend to lower our shades when direct sunlight causes a glare, and there they remain. Motorized shades change that, managing daylight for you. So, why the hesitation? When people hear the term “motorized shades,” they often think of roller shades, a style that doesn’t align with every home’s aesthetics. 

That’s where custom window treatments and Sound + Image come in. These smart window coverings come in numerous styles and hundreds of fabrics, adding to your home’s beauty while effortlessly managing natural light. Let’s explore some of their unique characteristics and what they offer your home in Henrico, VA.

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How Can Custom Window Treatments Transform Your Living Spaces?

A living space featuring custom window treatments from Lutron

Check Out the Top Benefits of This Solution! 

Have you considered motorized shades for your home? It’s a solution that might not be at the top of your must-have list, but once you learn how many benefits and features custom window treatments have, you’ll want this shading in every area of your Richmond, VA, home.

From enhanced style to improved privacy, these customized fixtures can elevate your property entirely. Find out more about automated shades by reading!

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The Top Benefits of Motorized Window Treatments

The sun comes through a bedroom’s windows with custom Lutron shades halfway down.

Elevate the comfort and beauty of your spaces with motorized shades by Lutron

There are many ways technology can help you create more luxurious and convenient spaces. While custom window treatments are one of the most subtle smart tech solutions to incorporate into your home, you should never underestimate the elegance and comfort they can bring to your residence. 

At Sound + Image, we partner with Lutron, one of the leading brands in the motorized shades and lighting industry, to bring you the highest-quality automated window treatments. Keep reading below to learn the top benefits of adding this custom solution to your Richmond, VA, home!

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Custom Window Treatments Offer Energy Savings and Sophistication


Adding Shading Solution Enhances Your Luxury Home and Lifestyle Without Sacrificing Style.

Custom window treatments have the power to transform a room, changing its appearance from incomplete and uninviting into a space full of ambiance. In addition to furnishing a final fit and finish, motorized shades are critical components in providing privacy, protecting your possessions. and managing energy costs. 

When integrated into a smart ecosystem, in conjunction with tunable lighting, your home enhances how you work, live, and play while improving your overall well-being. Available in styles and fabrics that compliment any decor, automated shades satisfy your needs to blend aesthetics with functionality. 

Are you intrigued by the possibilities in your Hanover County, VA home? Read more below to learn more. 

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