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3 Must-Answer Questions for Designing a Home Media Room


Understanding What Clients Really Need and Want

Are you designing a home media room for a client? If so, it helps to start with some basics. For example, let’s start with everyone’s favorite, a car analogy. If your client needs a car that routinely needs to shuttle their family of four to and from many activities, a Corvette simply won’t do. In the same vein, you ask your clients how they will use their kitchen – is it a sprawling home hub for everything from school homework to entertaining large groups or a cook’s kitchen? A similar logic can be applied to the home media room. Narrowing down what your client really needs and wants will help you make the right design decisions. 

In the rest of this blog, we’ll cover some basic questions that might seem, well, basic – but the answers matter. If all the answers are “I want all those things,” that’s OK too, but there will still be choices more optimal than most. For example, if your client wanted an SUV that’s as fast as a Corvette, it does exist, but it comes with its own tradeoffs! You understand tradeoffs in design. So here are some questions that will help you and your client design the right media room for your Hanover County, VA project. 

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