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Hidden Technology: Bring Your Home to Life with Hidden AV Equipment

A media room with a vertical lift raising artwork to reveal a TV screen.

Almost Every Room and Outdoor Space Can Benefit from Hidden Tech

In our second blog in a two-part series, we’re exploring the benefits of hidden tech installation and why it’s become such a popular feature in Richmond, VA, luxury smart homes. Our clients appreciate this technology for several reasons, including maintaining or improving their home's design and turning rooms once banned from AV equipment into entertainment meccas. 

Let’s look at how you can experience high-performance sound and images in any room without marring your home’s aesthetics.

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Today’s Outdoor Audio Systems Offer Immersive, High-Fidelity Sound


Read About Our Latest Collaborative Outdoor Audio Upgrade with Coastal Source

Today’s outdoor audio systems offer an incredibly immersive experience with high-fidelity sound filling the air. The type of sound once relegated only to indoor areas can now be experienced throughout your patio and outdoor spaces. At Sound + Image, we partner with industry leaders in audio, video, and home automation to bring our clients cutting-edge solutions. 

In the world of outdoor audio and lighting, one of the top brands is Coastal Source. Let's explore an example of how outdoor audio transformed a client's home in the Richmond, VA, area.   

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Hidden Technology: The Art of Making Your Home Beautiful & Smart

A luxury kitchen with in-wall speakers installed.

Maintain your interior design intact while enjoying the best home technology has to offer!

We all enjoy entertainment with the highest quality picture and the best audio definition. However, if you are a luxury homeowner, chances are you also care deeply about keeping your home looking modern, stylish and aesthetically pleasing. While you may think world-class AV installations and beautiful décor are completely incompatible, the experts at Sound + Image are here to tell you this is not the case at all!

With our hidden technology solutions, you can effortlessly keep your Richmond, VA home looking modern, sophisticated and uncluttered without compromising fun and entertainment. Keep reading our blog to learn more about these outstanding installations.

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Add Luxury and Security With Lutron Lighting Systems

Modern dining room with many windows, long wooden table, and crystal chandelier hanging from ceiling

How to Design Your Home Lighting System for Beauty and Functionality

A beautiful lighting design can add an element of luxury and sophistication to any home, not to mention a security feature sometimes overlooked. As a Lutron dealer, we love to show clients how a Lutron lighting control system can turn any room into a place of luxury and comfort. 

How could lighting elements enhance the beauty of your existing Richmond, VA home? Continue reading for tips on designing your home lighting system for luxury and security.

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The Top Benefits of Motorized Window Treatments

The sun comes through a bedroom’s windows with custom Lutron shades halfway down.

Elevate the comfort and beauty of your spaces with motorized shades by Lutron

There are many ways technology can help you create more luxurious and convenient spaces. While custom window treatments are one of the most subtle smart tech solutions to incorporate into your home, you should never underestimate the elegance and comfort they can bring to your residence. 

At Sound + Image, we partner with Lutron, one of the leading brands in the motorized shades and lighting industry, to bring you the highest-quality automated window treatments. Keep reading below to learn the top benefits of adding this custom solution to your Richmond, VA, home!

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