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Keep Your AV System in Top-Performance Shape with Equipment Rack Storage

Keep wires for AV equipment organized in an equipment rack.

Protect Your AV Investment With This Important Tool for Thermal Management, Accessibility, and Organization

If you have a home AV system, you know that keeping everything organized is critical to a great experience. Equipment racks are necessary for achieving this goal because they help with ventilation, wire management, and keeping the system accessible for future servicing. Equipment racks also help present an organized look, which honors the value of your investment.

Continue reading to learn how equipment rack storage can help keep your Richmond, VA, AV system in top-performance shape.

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What to Consider When Finding the Perfect Home Theater Projector

A living room with a Sony short throw projector displaying an image of a wave on a movie screen above a fireplace.

Today’s Projectors Offer Brilliant, Lifelike Images

Are you thinking about upgrading or building your first home cinema in Henrico, VA? There's a lot to consider, from seating to speakers, acoustic paneling, lighting, and the image that takes you to another place in time. 

With larger flat-panel QLED and OLED TVs entering the market, some may consider projection systems near extinct. Add MicroLED TVs, also known as “walls,” and the fate of projectors may seem imminent. Home theater projectors, however, have made their own mark in the continual advancements in home entertainment. Today, you have numerous options, and many offer incredible lifelike images and brilliant colors. 

Let’s explore some of the options and which might be right for your unique needs in Henrico, VA.

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The Role of Structured Cabling in Your Smart Home

Close up of a well-organized structured cabling system.

A Structured Cabling Installation Makes Your Home Smarter, More Efficient, and Easier to Upgrade

It is no longer enough for luxurious homes to feature the latest designs and finishes—they must also be smart. The good news is that a technology-driven luxury life in Henrico, VA, is not only possible but also a lot closer than you may think. 

To make it happen, you will need the right products and a structured cabling installation to connect, integrate, and support every device, allowing for reliable, optimized performance. Whether you are in Henrico, Chesterfield, Goochland, VA, or anywhere in between, our team of technology integrators at Sound + Image is here to help!

In this article, we explore the role that structured cabling plays in making your smart home smarter, more efficient, and easier to upgrade in the future!

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It’s All About Outdoor Living Design

A Coastal Source pathlight and a luxury home in the background. 

Learn More About the Lighting, AV & Automation Systems Behind the Best Outdoor Living Spaces

Smart outdoor living and entertainment are all about setting the mood. For that, you need the right lights, superb audio and video, and the ability to customize your backyard with just a tap of the screen. That is what outdoor living design is all about!

If you are in Richmond, VA, chances are you’ve already heard about Sound + Image. We specialize in enhancing luxury living through smart technologies, and nowhere are the benefits of an automated, integrated lifestyle more apparent than in the yard! 

In this article, we explore some of the many advantages of hiring an expert to help design, install, and automate your smart home’s outdoor spaces. 

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The Best Uses of Your Whole-Home Audio Beyond Listening to Music

A couple chats at their kitchen table while listening to content from their Control4 whole-home audio system.

There’s More to Your Audio System than Just Entertainment!

If you are an avid audiophile, the importance of having a whole-home audio system goes without saying. This technology allows you to enjoy high-fidelity sound in every corner of your home, letting you listen to your favorite music the way the artist intended. But what if you're not really an audiophile and are perfectly happy with listening to music with an average speaker? Well, even if that's the case, we are certain you can love a whole-home audio system just as much as any audiophile! There's much more than entertainment when it comes to this technology. 

In this blog, we will explore a few unique ways you can enjoy whole-home audio in your Richmond, VA, property other than listening to music. Keep reading to learn more about the functional side of entertainment systems!

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