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4 Services a Home Automation Installer Brings to Custom Home Builds


An automation firm has the skills and tools you need to take your home builds to the next level with smart technology 

According to market research, approximately 258 million smart homes exist worldwide, and the smart home market share is roughly 99 billion USD. We can only expect these numbers to rise in the coming years as homeowners demand more sophisticated, convenient, and intuitive smart technology solutions to manage their homes. 

As part of the design-build profession, you undoubtedly already know that including smart solutions in new builds is an effective way to attract more high-end buyers and set your firm apart from the competition. When you partner with a home automation installer like Sound + Image, we make it easy to satisfy client expectations for home automation. Keep reading to learn the key services we bring to new builds in Chesterfield County, VA.

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6 Audio Sources to Enjoy on Your Whole Home Audio System


Streaming music is great, but what else can you listen to with whole home audio?

Installing a whole home audio system is a great way to cater to the unique entertainment needs of everyone in your Henrico, VA, home. A whole home audio setup uses centralized source components and cabling to deliver music and other audio sources to individual speakers in every room of your house. With multi-room audio distribution from Control4, you can use your smartphone or touchscreen tablet to play music in a single room or every room with the press of a button.

Most likely, everyone in your family has different music tastes, and a whole home audio solution can accommodate them all! Keep reading to learn more about the various audio sources you can enjoy with your whole house sound system.   

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3 Hot Design Trends for Your Next Home Theater


Movies Are Just the Beginning

For many, the vision of a home theater is a dedicated, darkened room with a giant screen and a multi-speaker sound system with ample power to recreate the cinema experience. But that’s not necessarily everyone’s idea of a home theater.

With all the video content available today, feature films are just one of the options for a home theater viewing experience. Sports, binge-worthy Netflix Series, YouTube, HBO, music videos, and more can all be enjoyed even more on the biggest screen in the house. Your home theater doesn’t have to be a recreation of a movie palace; it should be a space to enjoy all your favorite media.

Go beyond the movie for your next home theater in your Richmond, VA home. Here are three excellent ideas to spark your imagination.  

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How Working with a Control4 Dealer Adds Value to Your Projects


Control4 Smart Automation is a Smart Investment for Today’s Homes

With recent home sale prices and values in the U.S. rising at a rapid clip, homebuyers are feeling more confident that the value of their investment will increase over time. Rising home values tends to have the effect of making homeowners spend more on home improvement projects as they expect their investments will ultimately result in higher home value when it’s time to sell.

Smart technology is continuing to be one of the top features homebuyers are demanding. Smart automation, security, and entertainment devices and services are growing at double-digit rates. Homebuyers are increasingly looking at smart automation to add energy efficiency, safety, aesthetic value, and lifestyle convenience to their homes. As a design professional or builder, it makes sense to consider smart home features from the beginning in your projects. And the best way to do that is to work with a Control4 dealer to integrate class-leading home automation technology the right way.

Keep reading for three smart home features that will make your residential projects in Richmond, VA, more appealing to your clients – and add long-term value to boot.

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What Do You Need to Know About Installing a Home Theater?


What to Consider When Building Your Dream Home Cinema

A home theater can be many things. It may be a highly stylized and decorated room formally outfitted with the latest gear for watching films of all types. It can also be a multipurpose multimedia space set up to enjoy sports, video games, Netflix binges, music videos, and anything that can be enjoyed on a big screen with equally big sound.

Home theaters are anything but simple, involving a myriad of details to consider that range from technical to aesthetic. The best theaters and media rooms are put together by a team of professionals and skilled trades, each with their own expertise but working together to build the theater you envision for your Richmond, VA home. So what should you know about home theater installation? It's less about technical details and more about what you want for the end result. Read below for more!

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