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How James Loudspeaker Helps Reduce Clutter in Your Home

Architectural soundbar installed under a flat panel television to blend in with a brick wall.

Architectural Speakers Hide Technology Without Compromising Sound

If you’re interested in high-quality speakers but don’t like the boxy look of most speakers, architectural speakers from James Loudspeaker may be a perfect choice. With years of trials and testing, James Loudspeaker has worked relentlessly to design speakers that deliver fantastic sound yet blend perfectly into your home’s decor.

Continue reading to learn more about architectural speaker options from James Loudspeaker that could fit seamlessly into your Richmond, VA, home.

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Why You Need a Wall-Mounted Rack for AV Storage

A wall-mounted rack fits seamlessly into a wall of built-in cabinetry for a sleek and modern look..

The Best Storage and Protection for Home Technology

A wall-mounted rack is a high-quality storage solution for home audio, video, gaming, or automation technology. If you’ve chosen to invest in high-end home technology, then a rack is the perfect way to protect your investment. While a rack may look like a simple storage solution, they are much more advanced containers that help organize clutter and safely secure technology components, improving their longevity and performance over time.

Continue reading to learn why a wall-mounted rack is a must-have for AV equipment at your home in Richmond, VA.

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A Matter of Preference: Projector or MicroLED TV?

MicroLED TV hung on the wall in a modern living room.

Choosing a Screen Type for Your Home Theater Design

It’s a joy and a challenge to keep up with the evolution of technology. We are witnessing some of the most creative and spectacular innovations ever created in real time. But, unfortunately, something new seems to hit the market whenever you think you have the biggest and best available.

As a specialist in home theater design, we are often asked what the best viewing screen to use is. While projectors have been popular for a while, innovations have led to certain TVs now trending. So, which is best? A projector or TV? The short answer is: it’s a matter of preference. You really can’t go wrong with either choice.

Continue reading to explore the benefits of both projectors and MicroLED TVs for your Henrico, VA, home theater design.

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How a Professional Team Can Design a Robust Smart Home System

Control4 smart home control installed on a living room wall.

For Smart Home Installation, Rely on Experience and Expertise - Not DIY Solutions

Who doesn't want a luxurious smart home that delivers convenience and a cool factor to everyday tasks? Of course, it's an ambition many of us have. Unfortunately, the thing about smart home technology is that poor installation makes it more work than it's worth. After all, who wants to have ten different apps or three different remotes to operate all the various technology types?

A professional team like Sound + Image is the best choice for your smart home installation. We can streamline setup and centralize all of your smart home controls in one place to make them truly convenient and worthwhile.

Please continue reading for more ways our experienced team can be helpful with a smart home installation in your Richmond, VA, home.

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3 Ways Your Whole-Home Automation System Helps You Stay Healthy This Winter

 A woman stretches on a yoga mat while she watches a fitness video.

Boost your immune system and enjoy a happier and healthier holiday season

During the colder months of the year, colds, flu and other respiratory illnesses are the order of the day. For this reason, strengthening your immune system is essential for keeping your body healthy and enjoying the holiday season to the fullest. Did you know that a whole-home automation system can be useful in your journey to a healthier lifestyle? 

Keep reading this blog to learn how our unique smart home systems can help you elevate your home in Henrico, VA.

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