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5 Reasons To Install a Whole House Audio-Video System


Go Minimalist With Your Entertainment While Maximizing Enjoyment

Is form as important as function for you? Do you think that less is often more? And are you fanatical about the quality of your audio and video entertainment?

If you answered yes to the questions above, you will be interested in the rest of this blog. Some people are very passionate about their AV entertainment but are not big fans of the complexity that often comes with it, the intrusion on décor, and the amount of equipment involved. The solution? An integrated whole-house audio-video system for your Richmond, VA home fit for the minimalist sensibility in you. Read on to learn more.

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Removing Equipment Clutter

One of the most frustrating aspects of AV systems for many people is different systems to operate. Often you have different brands and types of equipment and remotes in each room. A centralized whole-house AV system gets rid of all that. All the source equipment is housed neatly in an unused closet or cabinet. Your control system is consistent with one remote to access all the entertainment.

Watch and Listen to Anything Anywhere

The whole-house system distributes all your audio and video sources to anywhere you want to listen or watch. Architectural speakers fit discreetly in walls and ceilings, so no speakers and cables intrude on your room. For video, you can share DVRs and cable boxes across several places, saving on clutter and complexity. More importantly, all your entertainment is available through a single intuitive interface. Play jazz in the office while your spouse listens to rock in the kitchen. Start a movie in the media room and finish it in bed in the bedroom. Use only one remote and interface to manage content and volume, while automated sequences turn everything on to the right settings.

Consistent Audio and Video Quality in Every Room

Your whole house system feeds the same high-quality lossless audio and video signals to every room. Broadcast or cable TV, streaming sources, and music will all have the same quality. Everyone can enjoy their favorite entertainment in the highest quality, so no one feels left out.

Easy Access to Equipment for Maintenance and Upgrades

A centralized AV rack can solve a number of issues. Not only can you reduce technology clutter around your house, but the centralized location can provide adequate ventilation for equipment like amplifiers to increase longevity. With one place for the gear, access is easier, troubleshooting is simplified, and when you are ready for an upgrade, it's easier to connect and configure the equipment.

Smart Home Integration

Whole house audio and video systems are part of smart home systems. Those systems can integrate control of your entertainment with lighting, climate, motorized window treatments, and more. So not only can that one interface simplify your entertainment, but it can also bring incredible convenience. Set customized scenes that include music or video entertainment for cooking, exercising, relaxing, watching movies, and more with the touch of a button.

Are you ready to simplify your life with whole-house audio and video? To learn more, give us a call at (804) 741-5816 or fill out our online form to get started today. We would love to work with you!

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