Control4 Reimagines Smart Home Automation


Control4 OS 3 Sets a New Bar for Powerful Control with Intuitive Ease

Starting in 2003, Control4 set out to reset expectations in smart home automation. Over the years, they have created a complete home control suite that changed the way people could manage and interact with their homes for easier daily living. Not only did they offer their own solutions, but they also designed a smart home operating system that orchestrated many third-party products – in fact, thousands of them.

Control4's latest system, OS 3, takes everything they have learned from many thousands of smart home installations and puts even more power into the user's hands, with greater personalization, intuitive design, and effortless control. Keep reading below to see how Control4 OS 3 reimagines the smart home experience in Goochland, County, VA.

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Intuitive Discovery and Interaction

The best interfaces – especially when it comes to controlling your smart home – are the ones you can use with no training or learning curve. In OS 3, Control4 adopted the latest design features from modern smartphone apps. For example, you can assign favorite rooms to control to get to those instantly. You can drag and drop devices to arrange the screen to your liking, much like you organize your smartphone apps. You can customize wallpapers, even using a photo of the actual room you are controlling, so there's no guesswork as to where you are.

Reimagining Your Entertainment

With a Control4 whole-home audio system, it couldn't be easier to find something to play and direct it where you want. You can see the album art, playback controls, volume sliders for multiple zones, and more on one screen. Importantly, the interface is consistent across different modes of control, from a dedicated Control4 Touchscreen to the app on your tablet or smartphone. If you like AV style remotes with real buttons, the Control4 Neeo blends the best of real buttons for oft-used controls with a sharp touchscreen interface for access to content selection and a bevy of smart home controls like climate, smart locks, lights, fans, and more.

At-a-Glance Control

The Control4 OS 3 system is all about power with ease of use. If you want to see if a light is on or off elsewhere in your house, a quick glance at the icon tells you. Smart locks show locked or unlocked, and motorized shades show their position status as well. Want to know the temperature? It’s also right there, so you don’t have to flip between screens or different apps to know exactly what’s happening in your smart home.

Advanced Personalization

For even more powerful automation and personalization, Control4’s When>>Then scene configurator puts the power of home automation in your hands, with no technical programming skills required. Trigger a welcome scene that turns on lights and sets the temperature the second your garage door opens or design the perfect scene for entertaining with lights and music at the press of a button. This advanced level of personalization enables you to fine-tune your smart home exactly the way you want it.

Want to learn more about how smart home automation can enhance your lifestyle in Goochland County, VA? Give us a call at (804) 741-5816 or fill out our online form to get started today. We would love to work with you.

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