The Top 4 Benefits of a Lighting Control System


Lighting Control Marries Form and Function Beautifully

You might already know about lighting control, given the profusion of smart home control devices in the market. While smart lights might be inexpensive, a lighting control system sounds like a more extensive proposition.

Yes, a lighting control system for your Richmond, VA home is more than a collection of smart lights you can control from a smartphone app – although that convenience is indeed valuable. As we noted when discussing home automation last month, the real benefits accrue when you exercise smart features and control to do more than just conveniently turn lights on and off. Keep reading to learn about why lighting control is actually an astute investment. 

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You might surmise that convenience is the first benefit of smart lighting, and you’d be correct. If you or your children often forget to turn off lights, have the system do it for you. When you're away from home, a smartphone app can instantly show you the status of lights, and you can turn them on or off. At home, you can do it via programmed schedules (ideal for outdoor lighting), voice control, or programmed wall keypads that control a roomful of lights with one touch. Are the bathroom lights always left on? Smart sensors can detect occupancy and turn them off when no one is around. 

Energy Savings

Schedules, sensors, and remote control can also help you significantly save energy. Turning off lighting that isn’t needed is an easy way to save energy, money, and the planet. But smart lighting can do more. When you combine it with other intelligent functions like motorized shading and climate control, you can multiply the savings. Harness natural light with automated control of shading and lighten the load on your HVAC system with smart management of lighting and shading, both in hot and cold seasons. Your home becomes more comfortable and more efficient – a win-win.


It’s long been understood that well-lit places are safer than dark ones. Smart lighting can ensure your home is strategically illuminated to look like someone is home, even when no one is there. Lighting control can execute a vacation mode that lights up your home in a natural pattern that mimics what you do when you’re there. The aforementioned schedules can manage outdoor lighting efficiently so that your home is never dark overnight. Smart lighting can also work with smart security cameras and sensors, triggering lights to come on to startle a potential intruder.


Beyond convenience lies luxury. A sophisticated lighting control system can manage hundreds of lights, indoors and out, in smart ways. You can program different scenes to layer your lighting indoors for various activities. Create the perfect lighting scene for cooking in your kitchen with ideal brightness for visibility and a more relaxing one for the evening meal. At bedtime, one button can turn off non-essential lights, light a dimmed path to bathrooms and the kitchen overnight, and turn on outdoor lights to the optimal settings for safety. When entertaining, your entire house can be set up to guide your guests where you want them and set the right ambiance, whether it’s for an intimate dinner with friends or a child’s birthday party.

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