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Elevate Your Home with Smart Automation Systems


Create the Ultimate Luxury Experience with Home Automation 

When it comes to managing your home, you can leave those days of struggling with multiple remotes and dealing with video lags in the past. Since we're in a whole new era, and home automation systems are on the scene, you have the power to create the ultimate entertainment setup right in your own home. Furthermore, smart devices increase convenience and efficiency, allowing you to more easily manage your day-to-day activities. 

Keep reading, and we'll show you how home automation can transform your home in Goochland, VA, into a haven of luxury. 

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Effortless and Stunning Illumination with One Touch

A home with beautiful pendant lights above a countertop and a Palladiom keypad on the wall.

Transform the Ordinary into the Extraordinary with a Lighting Control System

In luxury homes in Richmond, VA, lighting is more than a way to see in the dark. Today, it plays an integral role in a home's design, enhancing the aesthetics in remarkable ways and creating a space that promotes well-being. 

At Sound + Image, we design, install, and program a fully customizable lighting control system that redefines how you use light in your home. It incorporates intelligent lighting control that enhances your daily experience, transforming your home's look and feel with one touch. It elevates every room's design, creating a new level of luxury and convenience. Let's explore the magic found in the latest automated lighting. 

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3 Smart Home Issues Caused By a Poor Network

A tablet and smart thermostat mounted on a wall displaying a smart home interface.

And How We Can Fix Them!

When a smart home is installed correctly, devices seamlessly communicate with each other and respond intuitively to the environment around them. But if your home network can’t support all the devices in your house, you’ll run into slow or unresponsive technology. 

Today, a typical home has ten or more electronics connected to the internet, including PCs, mobile devices, and IoT smart devices. If you want to experience the luxury and sophistication of whole-home automation, you’ll need a robust network that covers every area of the house. Weak Wi-Fi signals won’t cut it in modern smart homes. 

Here are three common issues that a poor network can cause in smart homes and how our home network solutions improve the automation experience in Richmond and Henrico County, VA. 

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4 Ways to Improve Your Property Value


Partner with Sound + Image and Control4 to Make Your Projects Stand Out 

If you are a realtor, architect, or builder in Henrico, VA, you know that the housing market is entirely linked to the location of the property but there are things you can do to make your projects stand out. Possessing an "extra benefit" on the property makes the home sell almost on its own, with many buyers bidding on it simply because it has those advantages that other properties don't have. 

But what benefits are they looking for in these properties? Read on to learn four basic things people look for when buying or remodeling a property and how we work with Control4 home automation to achieve them.

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