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The Role of Structured Cabling in Your Smart Home

Close up of a well-organized structured cabling system.

A Structured Cabling Installation Makes Your Home Smarter, More Efficient, and Easier to Upgrade

It is no longer enough for luxurious homes to feature the latest designs and finishes—they must also be smart. The good news is that a technology-driven luxury life in Henrico, VA, is not only possible but also a lot closer than you may think. 

To make it happen, you will need the right products and a structured cabling installation to connect, integrate, and support every device, allowing for reliable, optimized performance. Whether you are in Henrico, Chesterfield, Goochland, VA, or anywhere in between, our team of technology integrators at Sound + Image is here to help!

In this article, we explore the role that structured cabling plays in making your smart home smarter, more efficient, and easier to upgrade in the future!

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3 Reasons Why Structured Cabling is a Smart Investment


Smart Homes Need a Myriad of Connections

Structured cabling sounds very organized, but what is it? Does it avoid a rat’s nest of cables and wires in a wiring closet? To a large extent, yes. Structured cabling installations are commonly found in the commercial world yet are also common in homes – and can be just as necessary. 

If you are building or remodeling a home, structured cabling is highly recommended. Today’s homes have ever-increasing amounts of technology and connected devices. Structured cabling can present an organized approach for providing the proper infrastructure for your security, networking, entertainment, and smart home systems in your Goochland County, Virginia home. Read on to see how you can prepare your home for the technology of today and tomorrow.

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Why Installing Structured Cabling Future-Proofs Your New Home


A Wireless World Still Needs Some Wires

In a world with rapid technological advancement, we continue to see more new devices going wireless. Even charging our mobile phones is going wireless! Many smart home devices can communicate wirelessly, although they still require power to operate.

That brings us to a point – even wireless devices need some wires. And in the home, many things still need cabling and wiring infrastructure. If you are looking to embark on a major remodel of an existing home or planning a new one in Richmond, VA, it would be wise to consider a structured cabling installation to ensure your home is ready for any technology. Keep reading to see why.

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