3 Ways to Enjoy a Whole House Audio-Video System


Make Entertainment Easy in Every Room

Entertainment should be easy. By the very nature of the word, it shouldn't seem like work when you want to be entertained. Unfortunately, some audio-video entertainment setups can be needlessly complicated. For example, the switching shenanigans you endure to get sound from your TV only or when you want to hear the sound through your audio system. Or when you want to select music to play, and you have three different ways to do it – an Alexa smart speaker, a Bluetooth speaker, or your AV receiver in the family room. Or you want to hear the evening news on the TV as you roam around the house getting things done.

If you like simplicity for your AV system and want one way to do things, you might be interested in a whole-house audio-video system that makes entertainment easy. Keep reading below to see how to simplify your AV life in your Chesterfield County, Virginia home.

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Whole-Home Audio

Whole-home audio lets you listen to any audio source anywhere in your home. Call up a favorite artist radio on Spotify or Tidal and play it in one room or several. If your significant other is in the home office and the kids are in the game room, they can be playing something different on the speakers in that area. You can use architectural (built-in) speakers suited to every area, from ones geared to background listening to powerful models for demanding audiophiles. Beyond streaming sources, whole-home systems have inputs to feed digital and analog sources to every room. So, you can continue to enjoy your vinyl collection and CD library, or pipe TV audio like the news to as many rooms as you want. Plus, you can take it outside and extend your system with outdoor speakers.

Clutter-Free TV

Want one method of watching TV versus three? You may have Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV, or several smart TV systems based on your equipment. You can consolidate all these with whole-home AV. Hang a TV on the wall in the kitchen area, and you can play anything from your system, even without a remote. A voice command to your smart speaker (or microphone) can play broadcast TV, streaming, cable, satellite, or any source you want. Your equipment is stored in a neat rack in a closet or cabinet, and the TV can play sound from internal speakers or preferably from your architectural stereo speakers in the kitchen. Other control options include a touchscreen tablet or even wall-mounted keypads with programmed buttons that call up your TV channel or streaming content, set the lighting, and more. Every other TV in the house will operate the same way, with a single interface and preprogrammed options that simplify getting to your entertainment.

Video Walls

Whole-home video systems really shine with specialty applications like video walls. You could have a video wall in the media or family room to watch multiple feeds at the same time. Keep an eye on various football games on the weekend. Watch the news and stock market data side by side. Or use the entire wall as a giant screen for a show or movie. Preprogrammed settings in a smart home automation system make it easy to manage your wall, select content, and pick a mode for displaying it. Video walls can be built with multiple flat-panel displays or a projection system, while whole-home AV systems manage and matrix the content to be displayed. It's the ultimate video infotainment setup.


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