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Make Your Next Project Stand Out with Smart Technology

If you're a designer, architect, or builder, your clients hire you for your knowledge and expertise. They expect that you are authoritative on the latest architectural styles, trends, finishes, and other features that make your work stand out. Increasingly, those trends include smart home technology that homeowners want to integrate into their next abode.

While skilled in your area, you shouldn't have to be an expert in smart home technology. But you can be aware of the latest trends and the best ways to integrate them into your Chesterfield County, Virginia projects. Keep reading for four popular ideas that you should consider planning for in your next project and how a smart Control4 system puts it all together.

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Whole House Audio

Whole house audio has never been more popular, as a plethora of digital audio options has made this easier to implement in any home. The best whole-home sound systems employ architectural speakers built into walls, ceilings, and outdoor landscapes for seamless sound without clutter. You already know that low voltage cabling is necessary for those speakers. Did you know that Control4 systems include digital audio streaming and distribution along with other smart home control features? It's one of the easiest ways to get an integrated whole-home system with effortless ease of use. Control4 has various options for centralized or distributed audio systems for smaller or larger homes, so you have flexibility in incorporating the system.

Lighting Control

The popularity of smart home lights and hubs has most homeowners wanting some level of intelligent lighting in the home. A Control4 system can serve as the hub for this feature as well. Whether it’s the whole house or managing lighting in a home theater along with the AV system, Control4 offers intuitive lighting control through wall keypads, touch screens, smartphone apps, and even through their innovative Neeo AV remote. You can build Control4 touchscreens into walls for a sleek look and easy control of lighting groups and other automation functions.

Smart Security Cameras and Doorbells

Homeowners want their next home to be secure as well, and the latest technology offers various tools for that. A Control4 system can integrate with multiple security camera systems to display different monitored areas around the house on a touchscreen or the TV. The new Control4 Chime doorbell offers motion detection and a wide field of view, and sophisticated abilities to tie into other home automation for improved security and peace of mind. You can plan for these with specific locations that can be wired with low voltage networking cable so the homeowner can add the device they want.

Smart Sensors and Thermostats

Homeowners want energy-efficient homes. Smart thermostats can help optimize HVAC use, and a Control4 system can orchestrate various smart home features for better efficiency. A new build or remodel is an excellent opportunity to consider sensors for temperature, humidity, water intrusion, UV light, and more to manage the home's environment intelligently.  Sensors can feed information to the Control4 system, and programmed automation can make a safer and more energy-efficient home. For example, the homeowner might want to prioritize temperature control to specific rooms, or only when those spaces are occupied. They might also want to monitor the temperature and humidity in a wine cellar closely. With sensors and automation, your client's home can be optimized for comfort, efficiency, and safety.

Want to learn more about how a Control4 system can enhance your next project?  The automation experts at Sound + Image are ready to help. Give us a call at (804) 741-5816 or fill out our online form to get started today. We would love to hear from you!

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