Why Having a Home Automation Partner is a Smart Investment


Improve your profit margins with smart home automation

Custom builders, architects and interior designers are always looking for ideas that yield a high return on investment and make them stand out from competitors. The luxury market is highly competitive in Richmond, VA, so how can you set yourself apart and increase profits? By integrating home automation in you projects.

Smart home automation features allow users to control technology such as lights, shades, audio systems, and more via smart devices or voice control. Some systems offer remote access, so users have access to their homes no matter where they are. Plus, based on the habits of residents, smart devices can also adapt to their preferences. While these are all great for homeowners, they can also benefit builders who make these standard in their projects.

Read on to find out why home automation is a smart investment.

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When you’re building a house from scratch, it’s much easier to integrate home automation features because you’ll be able to lay a thorough wiring foundation. Technology is always evolving, and every day you see a new automated feature being introduced. If homeowners ever want to make upgrades to their home, the right framework is there to make upgrades. Especially through ongoing support from experts like those at Sound & Image. Whether it’s a new smart thermostat or the latest automated lights, we can integrate everything seamlessly without compromising on aesthetics. In short, we’re futureproofing the home.

Ambiance and Comfort

Modern-day homebuyers look for ambiance and comfort in their homes. They want a functional place that they can move into right away without requiring much work. When a home comes with automated features, it will offer comfort and luxury to its residents immediately and make it easier to find a pull up the perfect settings for lighting, climate, shades and more.

High Return on Investment

When you sell a house with built-in features such as automated lights, sound systems, thermostats, and more, you’ll be able to sell it for a higher price and get a great return on investment. And with the right automation partner, you’ll be able to do so without going over budget or timeline.  

All home automation features make homes more energy-efficient and luxurious. With such advanced features, along with the option of integrating the latest tech whenever needed, you can sell your property above asking price. Not only does it create a smart place to live for homeowners, but it helps builders get the most out of their investment.

Sound + Image partners with the best tech giants to bring you home automation. You can create lavish spaces that will get you a high return on investment on all your projects in Richmond, VA. Get in touch today by calling 804-741-5816 or fill out an easy online form for more details.

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