Control4: What Makes It The Perfect Control System for Your home?

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Learn why Control4 is one of the world's leading home automation brands

Are you looking for the best way to integrate smart devices into your home? Make the most of your smart technology with a home automation system. A Control4 system, in particular, lets you integrate thousands of devices under one umbrella. From security cameras to wireless speakers, you’ll be able to manage it all from one place.

Replace the gangs of switches, clutter of remotes and endless apps with seamless control solutions. Choose from touchpads, mobile apps or elegant on-wall keypads to meet all your smart home needs. Below are just some of the reasons that Control4 is one of the most trusted home automation brands.

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Control4 can be customized without the need for third-party programmers or technicians. Since its interface is very intuitive, you will be able to create scenes that integrate lighting, audio, and security. In addition, you will be able to trigger instant notifications about important events happening in your home, such as an open door or a water leak in your kitchen sink, even when you are not at home.


Remotely access your Control4 system from anywhere in the world. From your smartphone or tablet, you can monitor your smart home. View images from your security camera or activate the alarm you forgot to set. With the intuitive app, it won't be a hassle to program and manage your smart home system from anywhere with an internet connection. Control4 puts security and ease in your hands, so you have nothing more to worry about.


As we mentioned earlier, Control4 is compatible with thousands of smart devices. Through the integration of systems such as lighting, sound, security and climate control you can design a smart home tailored to your needs.

For example, now you can control the music and climate in your media room with the same device you use to turn on the kitchen lights in the morning. In addition, you can program specific schedules for the lights to dim or brighten and for the temperature to lower when you get home from work, so your house is cool enough to eat dinner and go to bed.

When you get up, your motorized shades will slowly rise to let in natural light while the lights inside your home brighten to create a clean, energetic scene. All this is possible through Control4. Let us help you make your smart home even smarter.

Find out more about the advantages of Control4 for your smart home! Contact us or fill out our online form.

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