4 Ways to Improve Your Property Value


Partner with Sound + Image and Control4 to Make Your Projects Stand Out 

If you are a realtor, architect, or builder in Henrico, VA, you know that the housing market is entirely linked to the location of the property but there are things you can do to make your projects stand out. Possessing an "extra benefit" on the property makes the home sell almost on its own, with many buyers bidding on it simply because it has those advantages that other properties don't have. 

But what benefits are they looking for in these properties? Read on to learn four basic things people look for when buying or remodeling a property and how we work with Control4 home automation to achieve them.

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Innovation. A home with innovative solutions makes the property already an eye-catching place to live; technological advances in home automation mean that properties tend to sell even faster than other ones that only offer the "basics." When a builder or realtor has a home in line with the latest trends, it is almost 100% certain to sell. Sound+Image is constantly innovating in the smart home automation field to offer the best products in the market, becoming experts in what people need at home and how these solutions enhance home lifestyle every day.

Technology. As we mentioned earlier, having technological advances in a home is a benefit that many people want. A home designed and thought out to integrate technology that allows the homeowner to improve their lifestyle, perform basic tasks with greater ease, and control all aspects of the home from a single interface makes the house stand out. With Control4 home automation, we’ll be able to offer homeowners a wide array of control options to match the practical and aesthetic needs of the project. 

Accessibility. Although technology has advanced exponentially, it often becomes complicated to control and maintain. Through Control4, you can offer your potential buyers an easy way to keep the whole house under the control of a single command, which will work to manage everything from the blinds and curtains to the multi-room music, even surveillance, and lighting could be controlled by a keypad, your voice or mobile phone. One of the added perks of Control4 is its compatibility with major brands—allowing for clients to keep their favorite devices while integrating them into a seamless smart home ecosystem. 

Through this integrated system of controls, the homeowner can have immediate and easy access to their entire home, turning the house into a fully automated environment. 

Luxury. There's nothing better than an automated smart home that has that great touch of luxurious style in every corner. Through Control4, you can guarantee an incredible experience for your buyers and design unique, fully automated living spaces. You’ll be able to replace light switches with flush-mounted keypads available in various colors and finishes and featuring custom-engraved buttons for easy access. 

Offer effortless, personalized control with fluid, intuitive interfaces and over a thousand new features that make it easier than ever to create a unique smart home experience for your potential buyers. Are you ready to exponentially increase your housing projects?

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