Outdoor Entertainment: A Smart Home Luxury You Didn't Know You Wanted

Outdoor-Entertainment-A-Smart-Home-Luxury-You-Didnt-Know-You-Wanted Patio with outdoor audio and video entertainment system

Revamp Your Patio, Pool and Backyard With High-Performance Audio and Video

Now that the weather allows us to move indoor activities outdoors, spending time in your backyard with the best entertainment is a must. You can enhance your days with the family by installing a quality outdoor entertainment system in your Chesterfield County, VA home that will turn your free time from average to great.

An outdoor entertainment installation will not only enhance how you listen to your favorite music, or how you stream your favorite series, it could change how you spend time with your family, converting your backyard into a stunning outdoor movie night or karaoke-themed night. How cool does that sound? The possibilities are endless with a professionally installed system.

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How do I know if I need an outdoor entertainment system?

If your current audio and video system is old and relies on Bluetooth technology, you definitely need to upgrade! Together we will design a more balanced audio-video outdoor experience for your space. First, avoid indoor speakers that do not have the ability to pierce through outdoor ambient sound. Instead, go with an immersive system with weather-proof speakers spread throughout the yard.

This allows for more uniform volume control to get the entertainment you want while maintaining the ability to have a conversation with your guests. You don’t have to blast the volume—or annoy the neighbors—just to hear your audio clearly. This more even sound dispersion will also give you a wider and cleaner tonal range. And if any adjustments are needed, it’s easy to make them from your control device of choice.

How will my new outdoor entertainment system work?

As part of your outdoor entertainment system installation, you will get full control through an app on your mobile device, or as part of your home automation system, via dedicated touchpads or on-wall keypads. Through an intuitive user interface, you’ll be able to control the basic aspects of your sound and video, from choosing your favorite playlist to controlling the tonalities for different musical genres and surround sound for movie nights.

What is my best choice for an outdoor entertainment system?

There are excellent options that fall into different ranges depending on the performance you are looking for in your backyard as well as aesthetic specifications you might have; We work with a wide range of companies that design products specifically for outdoor use.

When it comes to televisions, these come with ultra-bright displays designed to put up with the sun’s glare. Their sturdy design allows them to brave extreme temperatures and rain. For speakers, you not only need them to be weatherproof, but also be powerful enough to fill vast outdoor areas. This not only requires greater output but often means using various directional speakers aimed towards the home—this way exterior walls amplify the sound.

Want to take full advantage of the beautiful Virginia weather? Then it’s time to spruce up your outdoor spaces. Your outdoor entertainment system could be so much better! Contact us.

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