Do You Like Simplicity? Then You’ll Love Whole House Audio-Video


Effortless Entertainment Everywhere in Your Home

Some people are tech fans, and they geek out on bells and whistles. They don’t shy away from complexity. Let’s try three picture modes for that show to see how it looks! Let’s try the adventure surround format to see if it adds excitement! 

If this doesn’t sound like you, chances are you like to get to the point. You want to watch Queen’s Gambit on Netflix. You want to get to that as quickly as possible, with an absolute minimum of button presses or settings to master. You want it to look exactly the same in the bedroom where you’ll finish watching the third episode in your relaxing binge of the evening. 

If the entertainment is the important part and not all the options offered by your equipment, you're likely a candidate for a whole-house audio-video system in your Hanover County, VA home. Explore the advantages in more detail below. 

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One Remote, Not Three

The bane of many homeowners' existence is the multitude of remotes the AV system requires. There may be one for the sound system, one for the TV, and another for a streaming device. And sometimes, even more, depending on the setup. You might have to juggle remotes for volume, inputs, picture settings, audio settings, and content selection. What's more, different setups in different rooms will present you with even more different ways to do the same thing. 

With whole-home audio video, you will have one remote or touchscreen and one way of doing things. Your room will have a TV display and no other ancillary equipment clutter. All your audio and video entertainment sources will be presented in a logical, personalized interface that shows all the options available. The system takes care of inputs, display settings, sound settings, and anything else to be optimized for your entertainment source. Simplicity is the operative principle. 

The Same Audio and Video Quality Everywhere

You may have a 4K-capable TV in a room, but the picture quality may not be 4K every time from every source. Why? Because with streaming, you might not have enough network bandwidth at that location for the best signal. The same may happen for audio. With a whole-house AV system, the distribution system ensures the signal quality digitally to every area. If you want 4K, you can get 4K, as well as better-than-CD-quality high-resolution audio music. The best way to assure this performance is through wired high-bandwidth connections to each endpoint - every area that you want audio and video, including outdoors

A Smarter Home

Having a consistent interface and centralized control over all your AV has several advantages for smart home integration. For example, for additional security deterrence, your smart home system can turn on various AV sources in a natural pattern when you're away to make it appear that your home is occupied. For a Super Bowl party, it's a snap to have every TV on and completely synchronized, so every play is seen simultaneously. At other times, one family member can be watching TV in the living area, music can play in the kitchen for the cook of the house, and the kids can enjoy their video game with immersive sound in the game room. When you need to shut everything down at bedtime, you can even make sure the kids' gaming is done by turning off their system from the comfort of your bedroom. 


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