What Do You Need to Know About Installing a Home Theater?


What to Consider When Building Your Dream Home Cinema

A home theater can be many things. It may be a highly stylized and decorated room formally outfitted with the latest gear for watching films of all types. It can also be a multipurpose multimedia space set up to enjoy sports, video games, Netflix binges, music videos, and anything that can be enjoyed on a big screen with equally big sound.

Home theaters are anything but simple, involving a myriad of details to consider that range from technical to aesthetic. The best theaters and media rooms are put together by a team of professionals and skilled trades, each with their own expertise but working together to build the theater you envision for your Richmond, VA home. So what should you know about home theater installation? It's less about technical details and more about what you want for the end result. Read below for more!

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It Starts with You

What is your vision of a home theater? Do you want to recreate the elegance of an old-time movie palace with a powered curtain, sumptuous fabrics, and classic lighting? Is it a sleek, elegant, modern space? Or is it a combination fun and multimedia space for anything that plays better on a big screen? Based on your goals, we work with you on room location, design, seating capacity and style, screen and display options, sound system choices, and much more to flesh out your vision.

Visuals and Sound

As home theaters are all about cinematic impact in sight and sound, people often think about these aspects first, right along with the aesthetic preferences. What you should think about is how the theater will be used.

Do you need many media sources, like streaming, cable, satellite, Blu-ray, and media servers? Will your theater seating be formal, high-back, tiered recliners, or do you prefer a hybrid room where seating may be more informal along with space for milling around? What is the physical layout of the space? Are you very exacting about your surround sound setup to replicate the immersive sound of actions films, or do you want a system that serves a multipurpose space with great sound for multiple types of content?

Will your theater be a large entertainment space or something more intimate for mostly family use? Considering all these questions (and more) will help you sharpen your vision for your theater and help your professional team design and build the theater that fits you.

Design and Process

After obtaining a clearer view of your vision and goals for your home theater, the process moves into the design phase. Fortunately, the latest design software enables us to mock up a theater design so you can see and feel what your finished room will look like before construction starts. Many of today's home theater suppliers, from seating to speakers, have services that help customize and optimize your home theater for the best experience.

This includes seating layouts, speaker placement, and other details so that every seat in the house gets the immersive entertainment experience that everyone wants.

Once decisions are made and design is finalized, it’s time to build the theater. We shepherd the process all the way through, collaborating with your architect, interior designers, builder, and specialty trades to ensure your theater meets all your performance and aesthetic parameters.  This includes items like wiring and cabling, networking, projectors, screens, speakers, amplifiers, processors, control and automation, lighting, and more.  A great home theater involves many details and coordination, and we work with the team to bring your vision to life.

Are you ready to start on your dream home theater in Richmond? Give us a call at (804) 741-5816 or fill out our online form to get started today. We would love to work with you!

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