Designing a Home Theater? Consider these 5 Ideas


Make Your Next Home Theater Great with These Tips

Are you thinking about adding a home theater in your Hanover County home? Or perhaps you are looking to revamp an existing one? Either way, it can be a significant undertaking.

Home theaters can take many shapes and forms. The best option is a dedicated space, but in some homes that may not be feasible, and the home theater also pulls double duty as a living or entertainment room. In those cases, a couple of our design ideas below might be very appealing. While a home theater is indeed a big project, considering these elements will help you get on the path to an exceptional entertainment venue. Keep reading for five great home theater design possibilities for your Virginia home.

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Most home theater designers start with seating – that is, after you've decided on the location. The seating has to work for the room and will dictate other critical aspects like the screen and the sound system. The trend is toward less formal home theaters, and some integrate bar and snack areas in the back with casual bar seating plus sofas or recliners in the area toward the front. The home theater may also double as a game room, which might create some additional challenges for screens and sound, where perhaps not everyone is seated for casual watching of a football game. Think through your priorities – movies, sports, gaming, or combinations – and how you'll like to watch, and you can design your seating areas accordingly.

Hidden Screens

If your room has multiple purposes, you may want to hide a large screen when not in use. Or, if you have a traditional theater, you might want the flourish of automated drapes exposing the screen when you hit play and the show starts. To save room, you may want to drop down the screen from the ceiling and keep it neatly tucked away when your room is a game or living room. There are so many customizable options; there are too many to list here. But if you want a multipurpose space and want to hide a large screen (and projector also), you have choices!

Hidden Speakers

Hidden speakers are a ubiquitous option in home theaters. Some audio enthusiasts like their impressively designed and finished speakers and want to see them, but many prefer the more décor friendly look of hidden audio. Front speaker arrays can also hide behind acoustically transparent screens, and those might be freestanding box speakers, while surround and overhead speakers discreetly install into ceilings and walls. Those can be matched to your wall finishes for a seamless appearance. Any number of options exist to hide speakers or display them or have a combination as might be dictated by your sense of aesthetics – and the uses for the theater.

Immersive Sound

The latest sound formats like Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, which have become popular and widely available in the past five years, up the ante for immersive surround sound. You'll want to consider the additional overhead speakers to incorporate these new formats, which will add a rich three-dimensional aural experience to your entertainment. Even when not watching movies specifically mastered with these formats, the latest audio equipment “upmixes" lesser audio signals into these formats, which envelops you in a more immersive surround experience.

Acoustic Treatment

Achieving great sound in a home theater involves quality equipment and careful tuning and calibration, so every seat in the room has a great experience. This might even affect the choice of flooring, seating fabrics, and wall finishes to tame sound reflections. Additionally, if your room is used for multiple purposes, perhaps it won't have the ideal rectangle shape for superior audio performance. But do not fear; sound systems can be carefully calibrated for that. Many acoustic treatment options exist that can tackle challenges of uneven bass, overly bright treble in some soundtracks, and other audio issues.

Work with an expert like Sound + Image to make your next home theater your ideal entertainment space.  To learn more, give us a call at (804) 741-5816 or fill out our online form to get started today. We would love to work with you!

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