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There’s a term for the people in our industry that you should probably keep away from when it comes to home theater systems: Trunk slammers.

These are the guys who mainly work out of their car, just doing what he needs to do to get by. Home installs are probably a side job for him.  You’re not really dealing with a company, per se.

With us, you are. And we can prove it, with the little icon you see in this post.  We’re CEDIA certified.  So what does being CEDIA certified mean to you?  Seeing the CEDIA stamp means you can trust that you’re dealing with proven experts who are committed to a higher standard of education, according to the organization.  You’ll not only get the finest in custom electronics design and installation, but you’ll also have peace of mind.

CEDIA Member Logo

Sound + Image Design, Richmond, are members of the trade association, CEDIA.

Our experience with CEDIA which stands for Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association is that this is a group that is extremely supportive of our industry and is serious about the work that comes out of it.  Sound + Image Design went through rigorous testing and training because we believe in CEDIA certification so much.

But let’s be serious for a moment: This is a fun job.  And we meet tons of fun people and get to play with all kinds of fun toys.  CEDIA’s annual Expo (see pics and a review here) gives us an idea of the latest and greatest (and the blah products) coming on the market.

We’re confident that we’re the company that will meet your unique needs. Talk to others who have been through the process. Read our testimonials.  If you’d like to talk to or see projects we’ve done, let us know.

We think you’ll realize: When it comes to home theater, audio and video installations in Central Virginia, we set the bar.

How can CEDIA help you as a homeowner?

Adding custom home theater, multi-room audio, or automation is a wonderful investment that will add to the enjoyment and value of your dream home. But an investment of this size shouldn’t be trusted to just any company. That’s why you should consider a CEDIA certified member.

CEDIA certified companies have met vigorous industry standards and have been formally educated and specially trained. These are critical steps to ensure that your investment in your home is not wasted. In addition, CEDIA member companies have agreed to the CEDIA Code of Ethics, perhaps the most highly regarded standard in the Electronic Lifestyles industry.

For a free home theater consultation in the Greater Richmond or surrounding areas, simply call our office at 804.741.5816.

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