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A Matter of Preference: Projector or MicroLED TV?

MicroLED TV hung on the wall in a modern living room.

Choosing a Screen Type for Your Home Theater Design

It’s a joy and a challenge to keep up with the evolution of technology. We are witnessing some of the most creative and spectacular innovations ever created in real time. But, unfortunately, something new seems to hit the market whenever you think you have the biggest and best available.

As a specialist in home theater design, we are often asked what the best viewing screen to use is. While projectors have been popular for a while, innovations have led to certain TVs now trending. So, which is best? A projector or TV? The short answer is: it’s a matter of preference. You really can’t go wrong with either choice.

Continue reading to explore the benefits of both projectors and MicroLED TVs for your Henrico, VA, home theater design.

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There are many benefits to using a projector in your home theater. Not only are they a cost-effective option, but they also provide you with greater flexibility than a TV. Let’s explore some of the benefits of projectors.


One thing homeowners enjoy about a projector is that it can produce a fantastic image displayed on a screen, a wall, or even the side of a house. With certain projectors, such as an ultra-short-throw projector, you can even move it from one place to another, so it’s an excellent option for families who prefer mobility. In addition, there are more viewing options. That is, you can adjust the screen size to match your viewing area. 

Reduced Eye Strain

When viewing a small image for an extended time, your eyes must strain and work hard to decode what you see. But, with a larger image, like from a projection screen, your eyes don’t have to work so hard. Also, as projectors throw their light at a screen before it hits your eyes, your eyes are somewhat protected. Alternately, a TV sends light directly to your eyes, contributing to eye fatigue, depending on how long you’re in front of a screen. 


The MicroLED TV is the latest wall-size TV technology to hit the market, making it reasonably pricey. However, the technology of MicroLED is still being ironed out, and as it becomes more widely available, the price should decrease. But price aside, here are some of the benefits to consider:

Big, Modular Design

The MicroLED TV comes in various sizes, some large enough to span an entire wall. In addition, most large microLED TVs are built with modular construction, so you can determine if you want to watch one large picture or several smaller pictures simultaneously. This flexibility is nice to have.

Brighter, Clearer Images

The OLED TV faces a new challenger for the crispest, most lifelike images. The MicroLED surpasses the technology of the OLED, with smaller pixel sizes to produce perfect black and high-intensity vivid color. The MicroLED could even be the key to future 10K displays!

Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference, whether you choose a projector or a wall-size TV like the MicroLED. Both options will provide a fantastic experience as part of your home theater design. Contact us to learn more about how we help design home theaters in the Henrico, VA, area.

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