Invisible Home Audio Speakers? We Can Do That


If I tell you that we could install speakers that you won’t see when you walk into a room, of what do you think? You probably imagine speakers hidden behind a sofa or char, or a room where you can see speakers that are flush against the wall, or plugged in up in the corners of the room.

But what do I actually mean?  I mean the speakers are invisible.  You literally do not see the speakers. You can look around the room all you want, and you won’t find them.

You still get tremendous results out of this technology, and invisible is the ultimate in home theater. It’s the way to go.

What’s that take to install? Check out this video it’s not us, but it’s similar to how it works

If you’re looking to install invisible speakers, honestly, don’t even bother researching brands.  There are a lot off them out there, and we’ll happily recommend the best ones you can get at different price points.

Are you worried about us tearing up your walls and making a mess of the house? Don’t be. In fact, some of our clients hire us for installations that we can do while they’re away on vacation.  They don’t even notice we were there, but having a complete home theater system with those invisible speakers is a nice surprise to have upon their return.

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