Does Smart Home Automation Increase Resale Value?


Create functional homes with smart home automation and give their resale value a boost

Smart home automation systems are the future of all homes. You can improve your home's resale value with smart features that make the property more elegant, convenient, and efficient. These types of properties stand out to luxury buyers looking for live-in ready homes—particularly when it comes to technology. Below are some of the most popular features sure to boost resale value on projects. 

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Advanced Network

At this point an internet connection is as vital as running water or electricity. But a smart home needs an integrated network that can handle more than a handful of smart devices like a smartphone or iPad. Ensure clients receive a home that truly supports their lifestyle with enterprise-grade networks that allow all their interconnected devices to collaborate and communicate seamlessly. This includes stable WiFi signals in all indoor and outdoor spaces. 

Automated Lights

There's no need to add confusing switches throughout the home with an automated lighting system. Paneled lighting reduces the number of switches on the wall and replaces them with elegant keypads that aside from basic changes, allow homeowners to pull up cultivated scenes. The biggest luxury you can sell clients though is automation. That means lights adjust as needed throughout the day without any input from users. This is typically done through sensors (both photo and motion) or schedules. 

Distributed Audio

You probably want a whole home audio system if you're a music lover. With smart homes, you can add a distributed audio system to play your favorite songs throughout the house. Easily pull up all your music across various platforms and broadcast it to speakers discreetly installed throughout the house. Combine your multi-room audio with the rest of the home’s smart home technology for truly transformative ‘scenes’. A ‘Wake Up’ scene, for example, lifts the bedroom shades, raises the thermostat, and begins playing your podcast precisely where you left off. 


Smart homes feature advanced surveillance systems that can boost security. Use doorbell cameras to differentiate between guests and intruders, and every time someone comes over, receive a notification to address them instantly. You can have remote access to security systems and ensure that your home stays safe even when you're not there. 

Get in touch with Sound + Image and start your smart home automation journey in Richmond, VA. We specialize in making smart homes that increase a home's functionality and resale value. Give us a call at (804) 741-5816 or fill out an online form to schedule an appointment. With smart home automation, your home will become luxurious, more functional, and worth more than conventional homes. 

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