The Battle of the Sexes Comes to Home Theater Design


Control4 Woman in Kitchen with Home Audio ControlYou’d think men, with their love of big screen TVs for football watching, would be the one to be in the market for a high-tech home theater system, wouldn’t you?

We’ll, you’d be surprised.

In my 20 or so years of installing home theater systems, I’ve discovered primarily two types of customers that are split across the sexes: The man of the house, typically a husband, who is big into the technology and wants an awesome home theater installed for his castle.  That’s the main type of customer you probably think of, too.

But then you have the woman of the house.  She’s typically tired of having 30 remotes on the coffee table.  She’s tired of wires, of seeing different black boxes that do different things and DVD or CD cases cluttering up the TV stand or living room.

Typically, he wants performance and she wants aesthetics.

And men think they can do it all, too. From one survey:

When it comes to installing a home theater, nearly half of men say they are very confident they can do it themselves while just three in 10 women say the same. In fact, the majority of women surveyed (51%) say they are not at all confident about installing a home theater themselves.

Typical of us guys, right?

Control4 Home Theater On Screen

Control4's Home Theater Simple Remote Control

When it comes to performance and looks, at Sound and Image Design, we make sure to meet the needs of everyone in the house. We create home theater systems that work reliably and sound great, but also look good within the home’s decor.

You won’t see the boxes if you don’t want to. We hide speakers in the walls of your entertainment room  literally, invisible speakers. You will not see anything. We whittle all your remotes down into a single easy-to-use device, from Control4 (now compatible with the iPad).

So, no matter who is in the household and no matter what the technology or design concerns are, we have a solution for you. Give us a ring at 804.741.5816 to find out more.

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