Home Automation

Smart home technology is no longer something you only see at a futuristic home technology expo. Whether you’re planning to build your next home or are renovating your existing home, it’s important to talk to your architect, custom builder or interior designer about how best to include smart home technology in your new or retrofit home designs.

The benefits of home automation can really add up in convenience, safety and energy savings, and including a home A/V design expert in your upfront process can help to prevent mistakes appearing too late in the building or remodeling process. We’ve had to fix plenty of those and we’d prefer to save the homeowner both time and money by being involved in the early home design planning stages.

If you’re already investing a considerable amount of money in building or remodeling your home, remember that the integration of your home technology for your indoor and outdoor living spaces — from home audio and video, gaming including the Wii, to controls for lighting, heating and air conditioning, home security and surveillance — is something that you should not ignore.

In addition to home theaters, critical areas of the home to pay attention to for automation are the entry ways or foyer, the family or great room, the kitchen and dining areas, children’s play areas, bedrooms and even bathrooms. All places where you and your family and guests spend a lot of quality time together.

Your home is a place for enjoyment, comfort and relaxation. Advanced home technology — even just the presence of multiple audio and video remote controls – can often be frustrating and confusing. Sound + Image Design can help you simplify your life and allow you to relax, even before you walk in the door. You’d be surprised what your iPhone can do.

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