Home Theater Design: Client Discovery Phase Critical to Successful Installation

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Knowing your home media lifestyle helps us to design a system just for you. And Control4 makes it easy for everyone in the family to operate.

Let’s talk about client process.  You’ve obviously heard the customer is always right.  The only way to make sure that happens is to get to know you and your needs.  If you’re in the market for a home audio and/or video system and the service that goes along with it here’s what you can expect from Sound and Image Design.

When and why do our clients come to us?  Two reasons mainly:

  • Many times, they’re building a new home, putting on an addition, or landscaping their property and want to install a new home theater system.
  • Other times, the house, room or yard is already there, and the client wants a quality entertainment system.

We work with builders, architects and interior designers, but ultimately, our duty is to the client the person, couple, or family that is going to be using the products we install and the services that we offer.

But before there can be entertainment, there must be ascertainment. We have to get an idea of your lifestyle goals and needs.

It begins with the Sound and Image Design Meet & Greet (aka the Discovery Phase).

This is where you get to know us, and perhaps more importantly, we get to know you. What are your priorities? What’s your lifestyle? Are you more into music or movies? Is this system going into one room, two, or all of them? How many TVs will you have? Do you want electronics indoors and out, or just one or the other?

We’ll look around the blueprints or your home take a site survey, as it were and write down notes of the challenges or obstacles we’ll face while installing.  Retrofits are a bit more difficult than installing in a home under construction, but we love doing both.

And here’s a little fun fact: You won’t see wiring on any system we install. It’s all concealed in your walls or cabinets.

I’ll be honest: Most clients don’t have an idea of their budget, and for most, their needs are more expensive than what they were expecting.  Not because of our cost, but because of the equipment involved. It’s not cheap stuff; but it’s high-quality. We know the equipment we’re installing or recommending we’ve tested it and use it ourselves.  And, of course, we’ll discuss options with you.

Bottom line: We won’t put a box into your house that we don’t believe to be the best in class of its kind.

For a free consultation, give us a ring: (804) 741-5816 to make an appointment at a time that is convenient for you.

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