HDBaseT Makes Connecting Your Home PC and TV Easy


You probably don’t get too excited over cables for home theater and entertainment systems, but we certainly do. In fact, the latest development in this segment of our industry (that being home electronics) has us pretty pumped up.

HDBaseT CableYou may have heard of HDMI cables, which essentially get rid of the standard red, blue, yellow, green and other colored cables that have long been used for connecting stereos, set-top boxes, TVs, video game systems and the like. HDMI cables combined all those cords into one, and were optimized for high-definition devices and TVs.

Enter HDBaseT.

Now, let’s cut past the jargon. This new home theater technology uses the same Ethernet cord that you plug from your computer into an Internet jack. It looks like a phone cord, but is a little thicker. HDBaseT is a standard that will be built into many new TVs, stereo systems, high-definition Blu-ray players, and more consumer electronic devices. Provided the device is built with the HDBaseT standard, you’ll be able to connect everything with a typical Ethernet cord (expect really pricey ones to come on the market that’ll try to take your wallet for a spin).

At Sound + Image Design, it’s our belief that HDBaseT will usher in a new era of Internet-connected devices that will plug straight into your high-definition TV and make browsing the Web on your tube much easier (see Google TV). And because the wires can extend up to 328 feet, you can connect a PC in your home office directly into your TV in the living room (Our company can hide that cable in your walls, too).

As the NewTeeVee blog puts it: There’s really no more excuses for not connecting your PC to your TV, even if the two devices are located in different rooms of your house.

Plus, HDBaseT could eventually declutter the bird’s nest of cables you may have underneath your home theater system, streamlining them all into one. The standard is supported by LG, Samsung, Sony Pictures Entertainment and Valens Semiconductor. You should start seeing devices from these consumer electronics makers (and certainly others) later this year before being adopted heavily in 2011.

If you’d like more information on HDBaseT or want to develop a plan for integrating it into your Richmond home, call our Richmond Home Theater Showroom today 804.741.5816.

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