Watching Online Content from your TV Yet?


Despite the fact that we’re online almost constantly, can carry around the web in our pocket or surf it from inside a coffee shop, there’s still one place where the Web hasn’t taken hold: our TVs.

It’s not easy to use a keyboard with a TV, and there’s no mouse, so Web browsing on your flatscreen is still clunky.

Well, that’s about to change.

By 2014, In-Stat reports, 57 million U.S. households will be watching full-length online content from TVs. That’s expected to be a $17 billion industry. Why? According to

This research is supported by the belief that the number of installed web-enabled video devices will increase to 237 million units over the next five years. In-Stat also believes that in 2014, the the set-top box market will be worth $1.4B, undoubtedly a major part of that potential growth, thanks to the 11 million hybrid boxes enabling that web-to-TV connection.

There are a bunch of new devices and services available that will contribute to this. At Sound and Image Design, we’re seeing more and more boxes being built with Internet connectivity and, as NewTeeVee mentions, new set-top boxes and services (see Boxee, YouTube’s so-called Leanback user interface for couch — or recliner — viewing and Google TV) make it easier to browse the web on a TV.

Many of these services turn the TV screen into an easily navigable iPhone-style app center.

If you’re in the Central Virginia area, you’re a phone call away from getting the web on the final frontier: your living room TV.  Give us a call at 804.741.5816 for a complimentary assessment of what you’ll need to get it done effectively, and at the right cost.

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