Thinking of 3D TV? Maybe You Want to Think Again


With last year’s release of Avatar, 3D has never been more popular.  And with this year’s big introduction of 3D TVs, people can now bring this multi-dimensional experience into their homes.

For a price. And, we think, a headache.

3D TVs are expensive. And the technology required to view a program in 3D isn’t the same as what you see in a movie theater.  Viewing a 3D TV requires special viewing glasses, which essentially filter a 2D movie or TV show and make it more dimensional.

And everyone looking at the TV must be wearing these glasses.  And they don’t come with the set.  So you’ll pay another $150 to $200 per pair of glasses, which require yes batteries.  So what if you have a family of five? What if you have friends over?  You’re talking big money.

If you’re a consumer who loves having a nice entertainment system, you’d be better off buying a nice HD TV and a Blu-ray high-definition DVD player at your favorite big box electronics store.

But if a full home theater experience is what you’re looking for, here’s what you should know:

We don’t test products in my clients homes.  Anything TVs, cables, security systems, lighting controls that we install into your house, we have in our own homes or have tested extensively.  We play with it, we test it, and we make sure the technology is going to perform to your expectations and in an easy-to-use, reliable way.

For now, we don’t recommend 3D TV.  The technology isn’t there yet, the prices are too high, and quite frankly, it’s just not all it’s cracked up to be.

Of course, if you’re still determined to put a 3D TV in your house, we’d be happy to install one for you. We just don’t recommend it!

By the way, our friends at CNET have a great Q&A on 3D TVs. Be sure to check out it out.

Want to talk to a local expert about 3D TV technology?  Then simply call our home theater showroom at 804.741.5816.

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