Thing of the Past: Renting Movies on DVD


Even the people who make their living by selling or renting music or movie discs admit:  DVDs are going away very soon.

We’ve already seen it in the music industry, as iTunes takes over and music stores shut their doors.  And you can see it happening as the likes of Blockbuster and Movie Gallery close.

Netflix, the nation’s most popular mail-order DVD movie service, projects that business to start falling in 2014 as their Instant direct-to-TV streaming services (and others like it) take off. Check out this graph, it’s pretty telling.


Netflix DVD Rentals to Dwindle: chart

So what’s this mean for consumers? Well, for movies, it means cataloguing movie discs into either a physical library or making them accessible from a computer – a Media Server can play movies stored on an internal hard drive or external attached or networked hard drive (aka NAS drive).

You can also buy or rent movies straight from the Internet and keep them stored on a hard drive, such as an Apple TV or an Xbox or PlayStation. Or simply take advantage of on-demand movie services.

Most consumers already have music figured out.  iTunes software has made it easy.

Renting movies on a DVD is going away, and going away fast.  Honestly, if you’re thinking of buying anything on a CD or DVD, even Blu-Ray, think twice.  Invest instead in a solid Internet connection and the devices that you will need to entertain your future.

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