New Home Construction: Designing Home Theater Systems with D-Tools


The best way to install a home theater system is to do it as the house is being built.  We won’t have to cut into any walls, drill holes into floorboards, or work our way around furniture.  We love working with homebuilders to create exceptional systems, but don’t let that fool you: our relationship is still with our customer, the end user.

Starting from scratch does require a level of sensitivity with homebuilders. We don’t want to get in the way of contractors, or have our work delay scheduling.  Still, home electronics in many ways are just as important to a new home as is the plumbing, wiring and structure.  Our work goes beyond entertainment, too: It’s lighting, security systems, and heating and air conditioning controls and integrating it all for ease of use.

Working with builders makes our job easier, too.  If we can see where recessed lighting will be, for example, we can build our speakers around it.  It gives us flexibility.

D-Tools System Integration Software Logo

Sound + Image Design uses D-Tools software for precise custom home electronics installation.

Our industry software is called D-Tools, and allows us to create accurate A/V system designs and manage our projects.  We can import an architect’s CAD drawings and design your electronics architecture around the home design plans.

D-Tools is System Integration Software for the AV, Energy, IT, and Security Industries

Building a new home? Think beyond the walls and roof.  Give us a call and let’s go over your design plans and optimize your home electronics systems.  After your custom home is built, you’ll be glad you did.

P.S.  While we love custom-built home construction, we have a passion for home theater retrofits.  A bit more challenging, yes, but, well, we’re just that kind of design team that loves that kind of project.  So don’t hestitate to call us if you didn’t get all you wanted in your home when you originally built it or when you bought it from the previous homeowner.  We’re just a phone call away at 804.741.5816.

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