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Graham Hickerson
Graham Hickerson

Graham Hickerson has always been interested in electronics, and video. He created his first custom video installation at the age of 12, when he installed cable TV in his tree house.

Graham never forgot the sense of accomplishment he felt when he leaned back in his tree house, and surfed the channels on his cable TV.

Graham grew up, and found success in several business ventures, but when the ever-increasing popularity of home theater systems created opportunities for people who were willing to work hard and master the new technologies, he saw an opportunity to build a high-quality integrator company.

Graham and Tim took the plunge, and founded Sound + Image Design.

Tim Stinson
Tim Stinson

Tim Stinson got into the audio business when he was a teenager. His love of music, and the equipment designed to reproduce it, drew him to a local stereo shop. He spent so much time in the shop that the owner finally gave him a job as a salesman.

Two decades later, Tim is still in the field, and his enthusiasm remains undimmed.

What Tim enjoys most is helping clients decide what kind of installations will best fit their needs, finding them the components that provide the best value for the money, and then ensuring those components are installed properly.

Tim mainly serves as project manager for Sound + Image Design to ensure customers expectations are met, and projects are effectively installed on time and on budget.

Together, we trust that Sound + Image Design will be your #1 resource for all your Richmond home audio, video and automation needs. Call us today at 804.741.5816.

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